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Blue Carbon Technology Inc.

Wall mount solar courtyard lamps, solar LED streetlight systems, integrated solar street lights

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    No 18, Technology Innovation Center, High-tech Zone, Rizhao, Shandong, China
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Company Profile
Blue Carbon Technology Inc. (BCT) offers a full range of solar LED lighting solutions for the most critical outdoor applications while leveraging a unique combination of innovative technology and application expertise in photovoltaic systems and solid state lighting. BCT designs and manufactures a specialty line of solar lighting fixtures to help meet a wide range of project budgets. These products include wall mount solar courtyard lamps, solar LED streetlight systems and integrated solar street lights. BCR's versatile solar lighting solutions delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your space with minimal investment, super low maintenance, and no operational costs.

Through an in-depth knowledge of photovoltaic technology, BCT has been consistently able to integrate high efficiency solar power systems with the latest lighting technology. As the critical system components for energy conversion, BCT's mono/poly-crystalline solar photovoltaic panels have high opto-electric conversion efficiency and excellent protection against the environment. The solar panels are paired with lithium ion batteries that have strong thermal stability against temperature fluctuations, and intelligent charge controllers for protection against over charge, over discharge, overload and short circuit. In combination with the energy efficient LED lighting modules, the lasting performance of these outstanding lights makes it perfect for numerous outdoor applications for commercial and residential installations such as roadways, pathways, parking lots, gardens, parks, courtyards, and remote work sites, etc.

Blue Carbon Technology is equipped with highly advanced engineering and production facilities for consistently high manufacturing standards in terms of cost optimization, quality control and product innovation. BCT builds reliability into every product it makes by strictly following quality management systems (including applicable ISO norms). With continuous focus on research and development, BCT has distinguished itself since 2009 as a premier lighting manufacturer and has grown to be one of the foremost providers of solar lighting solutions in the domestic and global market.
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